about usiikeen

IIKEEN is a Somali Tech Startup implemented by Somalis for Somalis. We are based in Mogadishu, Somalia. IIKEEN’s model is based on delivering appropriate technology for people in Somalia who want to buy books online but do not have credit cards or their credit cards are not accepted for whatever the reason by booksellers around the world. The second phase of IIKEEN will extend our services to beyond ordering books. We are at an advanced level od discussion with global online business and soon will enable anyone in Somalia with internet access to buy and sell goods online.

IIKEEN is a forwarding looking enterprise. We are interested in using technology to solve the problems that slow down or in some cases make it impossible for Somalis to do online business. We have resolved the issue of the credit card by integrating our services with Yeel App and other mobile money services available in Somalia. No credit? no problems… just fill the form and pay using any of the mobile money solutions available in Somalia.

No address to deliver the book you ordered? or any other goods? No problem, we have integrated what3words solution into our product. This allows you to fill your location using the link provided, which will enable us to deliver your goods wherever you are. In fact, this is a much better option than using the postal services, since many of our people do not live at easy to find addresses.

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